. Called to Work on Unity of the Christians.        

        Fr. Metod Dominik Trcka was born July 6, 1886 in Frydland nad Ostravici (Czech Republic) as the last of the seven children of Frantiska Sterbova and Tomas Trcka. He grew up in a Catholic family where he received a good Christian education. Andela, one of his sisters, joined the Boromej Sisters, accepting the name Charita.
        Dominik attended elementary school in Frydland nad Ostravici and upon completion, he attended the junior college in Mistek. In the 1902/1903 school year, he attended 6th grade at the Redemptorist minor seminary (juvenate) in Cervenka. Thus, he joined the ranks of the sons of St. Alphonsus, and as one can see, he did not leave it until his death.

        The next stage on the way to his religious vocation was his entrance into the novitiate in Bilsko on August 25, 1903. The novice master was Fr. Jozef Loch and his socius (associate) Fr. Jan Ev. Hradilak. Fr. Trcka made his profession on August 25, 1904.

        After the novitiate, he continued in his philosophic-theological studies in the Redemptorist seminary in Oboriste. Inspired by the ideals of Saints Cyril and Methodius there, Fr. Trcka with his whole heart longed to work in the field of unity of the Church. From his scantily preserved correspondence, it becomes clear that he was enthusiastic about receiving the sacrament of the priesthood. On August 27, 1909, he wrote to his father:

        Our school year will begin in 3 weeks. For me, it is already the school year before my ordination. Pray for me. Thank God, I am healthy. In another letter, on the occasion of his father's 70th birthday, he wrote: May the Sacred Heart allow you to come to that great grace that all of us hope for, I most of all. I must pass through a double fire before I am accepted for ordination, nevertheless, if you continue to pray for me, I hope I will manage it. He was ordained to the subdiaconate after finishing his 4th year of theology on July 3, to the diaconate on July 10, and together with three of his confreres, he was ordained to the priesthood on July 17, 1910 by the archbishop of Prague, Leo Cardinal Skrbensky. Following his first solemn Liturgy (primicie), that took place at St. Kajetan in Prague on July 18, Fr. Dominik returned to Oboriste to finish the last year of theology.