. Clear sentencing in advance.                      

        Court proceedings with Fr. Metod were set for April 21, 1952. The state prosecutor accused him of collaboration with Msgr. Gojdic, that Fr. Metod spread Msgr. Gojdic's anti-government pastoral letters and with the help of his superiors in Prague, he supposedly sent secret information to Rome. All of these accusations proposed by the state prosecutor were qualified as crimes of treason and espionage. When they read the charge against him, Fr. Metod admitted that he was guilty, but not in the sense of these accusations. The accusation was premeditated and the conclusion of the hearing seemed to already have been clear &endash; the highest possible punishment. At the main public hearing he admitted that he did not feel guilty. Several times he was asked why his answers do not match the ones he gave to the State Police. As his answer, he explained that his answers were at this time somewhat distorted, that he did not say that, and that he signed the statement because he was in isolation. Following a twenty-minute debate the State Court unanimously deemed Metod Dominik Trcka guilty that:
1) from 1946 to January 1950, in Michalovce and elsewhere, he hid and financially supported Bender revolutionaries. In the service of Vatican and reactionary church hierarchy, he spread illegal anti-government pastoral letters of the former Byzantine Catholic Bishop Gojdic, and thus united himself with the above mentioned in an effort to break away part of the Republic and corrupt the popular-democratic regime and social and economic structure of the republic, which are guaranteed by the constitution.
2) from 1945 to 1949 in Michalovce, and in Oboriste and elsewhere, by feeding secret information of a political and state security nature to Vatican spies ThDr. Jan Mastiliak and Redemptorist Provincial of the Prague Province, Suchomel. He indirectly conveyed state secrets to an alien power, by which he committed:
   ad: 1) crime of treason according to § 1, sec.1 letter b/ a c/, sec. 2 number 231/48 Sb.
   ad. 2) crime of espionage according to § 5 sec. 1 number 231/48 Sb.
Accused Metodej Dominik Trcka is thus punished for the above:
   According to § 1 sec. 2 number 231/48 Sb. With respect to stipulation of § 18 Trz. and with regard to stipulation of §§ 96, 99 number V/1878 with the use of § 91 number V/1878, he is sentenced to a term of 12 (twelve) years of imprisonment, as the main punishment. As secondary punishment, he was given a monetary penalty in the amount of 20, 000 CSK (koruny), seizure of all his property, and loss of civic rights for the term of ten years. In view of the seriousness and number of indulgent circumstances, state court gave the accused punishment by using § 91 number V/1878 and to close to the lower limit of the penalty commensurate with his guilt, thus taking into consideration the threat of the accused and crimes committed by him for society, and since in the case of the accused, this means a reactionary priest, who committed two very serious anti-government crimes, the court is of an opinion, that the assigned punishment is necessary to make sure that the accused is stopped from participating in any further criminal activity.
As was the norm, his lawyer appealed to the Supreme Court in Prague. That court, on June 12, 1952, rejected the appeal as not having been substantiated, without any explanation. Thus, his appeal for justice was exhausted. His long road of suffering which was to culminate in a martyr's death, began at this point in time.