. Apostolate at Svata Hora (Holy Mountain).        

        From Oboriste, Fr. Dominik was transferred to Prague on July 17, 1911, where he began the second novitiate under the direction of Fr. Frantisek Polepil. He finished it on January 3, 1912. In their report to Rome, his superiors praised him mainly for his diligence, adding he would make a good missionary. Fr. Polepil wrote: Our fathers from the 2nd probation are doing their best as well. Fr. Nekula works well, however he speaks too fast at his presentations. Surely his pace will slow down in time. Fr. Trcka likes to be original with his sermons, however he does not succeed all the time &endash; he willingly accepts our advice. His sermons (presentations) are delivered nicely and warmly. After finishing the second novitiate, Fr. Vaclav Nekula was transferred to Bilsko. He was given the position of associate in the novitiate. His superiors left Fr. Dominik Trcka in the Prague Collegium where he performed missionary work.
        It was only in December, when Fr. Trcka learned that he would have to leave Prague and go to Svata Hora. (Holy Mountain). As it is evident from the Oboriste Studentat Chronicles, he did not stay too long at Svata Hora because before his departure to Plzen on July 25, 1913, he bid farewell to the students in Oboriste and three days later, he left for his new posting. It is not clear what kind of a function he held in Plzen, but in July 1914, the deputy wrote that Fr. Trcka carried out all his duties diligently and thoroughly.

        In December 1914, he was transferred to Svata Hora where he acted as a missionary. When it was clear that his confrere, Fr. Sorko, could no longer work among the Croatian refugees due to failing health, Fr. Trcka took care of them. They became for him, as for Fr. Sorko before, souls most abandoned. He served them and strove to bring before them the image of the loving Heavenly Father. He catechized and celebrated the liturgies for Croatians, Slovenians and Rusins, refugees and soldiers alike, in the Pribram hospital. It seemed whenever there was something going on among the Slavs, zealous Fr. Trcka was always there.