. New Construction in Michalovce.                  

        After finding a good deal on a property in Michalovce, a new, strictly Byzantine Catholic monastery construction was started. This was something that was attempted by Fr. Metod from his arrival to Stropkov. It may be said that Fr. Trcka was the soul of the whole project. On September 7, 1931, capitular vicar Msgr. Alexander Stojka blessed the Chapel in the newly constructed monastery. Rector Fr. Trcka emphasized in his address that,

from that day on, the Redemptorists wanted with the greatest love to serve everyone in spiritual works. They would strive to spread God's Kingdom with all the strength. Ten days later, Fr. Schrejvers, a Redemptorist from Lviv, blessed the monastery and in his speech he said: As the Lord God has given us that big monastery, He will surely provide the members in it as well. Thus, a new chapter in the history of Redemptorists as well as in the life of Fr. Trcka began.