. The Conflicts During the Slovak State.              

        With the war going on, however, many projects were not realized. On the contrary, it put insurmountable obstacles in their path. During the time of the Slovak State, Michalovce Redemptorists were being marked by some, despite their Czech nationality, as Rusin fanatics, others accused them of pro-Czech agitation. Whatever they were doing, it was used and misused against them. The Chronicler had described it in these words: One can see from it how everything wants to be used against us to be able to expel us. The situation turned more threatening after a pastoral letter was issued by Msgr Pavol Gojdic, Bishop of Presov, on the occasion of the census in November 1940. Police accused Fr. Trcka of spreading the letter and inciting national unrest. On February 21, 1941, he was summoned to the court in Michalovce. After the hearing, they came to a conclusion that the accusation did not contain any act against the State. Fr. Trcka was cleared of the charge. The judgment, however, did not change the negative attitude of the authorities towards the Redemptorists, especially towards their Superior, Fr. Metod. Neither did Fr. Metod himself change. He was convinced about the use of the Julian liturgical calendar and about preaching in the Rusin language to Byzantine Catholics. A good opportunity to stay in the background, and, at the same time, to continue in the apostolate presented itself by the Presov eparchial office. They offered to bring spiritual help to the soldiers of the Slovak Army and to the faithful in the Ukraine. Fr. Trcka, along with three of his confreres, applied but the authorities took a negative stance towards this. His hopes were dashed. On April 9, 1942 he was freed from the office of rector. The new rector thanked Fr. Trcka for his invaluable services. This made his life easier because he did not have to be in the public eye and was able to step into the sidelines. He helped his fellow priests for several weeks at a time, and often changed his residence. He seldom stayed in Michalovce, and when he did, he did not appear in public. As a result of his frequent trips, he became seriously ill in October. The doctor forbade him to go outside. After his recovery, he continued his 'nomadic' way of life. During this time, he helped all those who asked. For example, he also helped the Jewish citizens, by obtaining baptismal certificates for them from Rev. Teodor Prislak, the parish priest in Krajna Bystra.