. As a Vice-Provincial (Proto-Ihumen)
                of the Byzantine Catholic Redemptorists.      

        When the front passed, Fr. Metod returned to Michalovce where in October 1945, he once again became the superior. Relations with the authorities improved. As an experienced missionary and a long time superior, Fr. Trcka was in a position to further help spread the work of the apostolate among the Byzantine Catholics. It is noted that upon accepting the office of superior, Fr. Trcka spoke to the confreres. In his speech he urged them to religious perfection. He concluded with the words: Grant, O Lord, that we may attain that religious perfection. .

        His passionate and enthusiastic effort to create a new independent Byzantine Catholic redemptorist Vice-Province was crowned with success. On December 21, 1945 in Rome, a new Vice-Province was instituted and its promulgation took place March 23, 1946 in Michalovce. Fr. Metod Dominik Trcka became its first superior (Proto-Ihumen). Upon accepting his position, he said among other things: Who is this new Vice-Province? It is all of us here present. It is our responsibility how we build it; whether we build it on solid base or on a soft base... . At the end of his talk, he placed the Vice-Province under the special protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The fact that he was 'born for this position', is confirmed by his confrere, Fr. Stefan Lazor: As was fully expected, Fr. Trcka became the Vice-Provincial. He was best suited for this position. He had the authority of a father and was regarded highly throughout the church and state offices. He had a lot of experience behind him. He was not a dictator, who pushed his ideas on others, and the holy Rule was always foremost in his mind. He was able to speak his mind, he had a big heart and had an understanding for everyone. He welcomed every new initiative and respected good ideas.


        In 1946 to 1948, Fr. Trcka's main attention turned to building new monasteries in Stropkov and Sabinov, to building the Church in Stropkov and recruiting future candidates to the Redemptorists. This was the time of development and great hopes for the future. As later became evident, he was not able to realize all the plans. When the communist regime came to power, the adverse attitude of the State towards the church grew. The Redemptorist were spied upon, especially in churches during their sermons. Fr. Metod, as superior, was frequently hauled before the authorities. They reprimanded him for allowing the use of the pulpit against the present regime. July 19, 1948, members of the local police forced their way into the monastery and searched the premises, but they were unable to find any compromising material.